Saturday, May 23

My wet...ummm...pussies?

Am I taking Nana Lan's suggestion too far? He said put more photos (perhaps what he meant was less rambling).

But like I said, I had just bought a new camera (which was more than a year ago). The intention was to have more visuals, but I just lost the urge to write soon after buying it. So now I am sharing all the photos from my first download off the camera..

Darby Park's Secretaries' Week with...Oh! Oh! Sheila

Okay so I went to see Sheila Majid's concert, while Kak Adek was still in the hospital. I thought that it was inappropriate to ajak semua pergi ramai-ramai.
So I went alone...thankfully I managed to get an upgrade to a table right in front.

I had a really great time. Sat next to a girl who flew all the way from Singapore for the concert. I even dropped her of at an LRT station after that, so that she could take a train to Sentral and then onto KLIA as she was running late. She also gave me her goodie bag, which was nice of her (actually she did not want to carry any liquids onto the plane). So, I gave her bag to Kak Adek. And Kak Adek also got the coffee table book as well, autographed by Sheila herself.

Sheila asked the audience a question on that day...she said, "This is the first song that I sang on TV..for this show, saya pun dah lupa" She forgot..and I hollered the name of the programme to her. Anyone of you remember? Winner gets...nothing but my love and adoration. You will also get my utmost respect if you can also name the host of the show and the song that she sang.

Let's play pretend

I wrote this a long time ago....but decided to not wait anymore..

Original post created on 4/7/08

Let's play pretend.
Let's pretend that I've always been updating this blog.
That I did not leave it unattended for like....never mind.

Nana Lan reminded me that I have not updated my blog for the past....never mind.
But he did ask me to put more pictures. So I'm starting with these pictures.

Kak Adek, these pictures I took when you were in ICU, in the hope that one day when you are a lot better, I can show you what was happening outside.

Update (22/5/09)

Now that you are a lot better, and can feel pain when I sit on your left hand, or when I pinch your but, and can dance like Elvis, I guess its time that I reveal these photos and write usual some of the photos are of us doing what we do best...makan!!!

Some of the photos are of the excruciating acupuncture....some of you might not believe me, but after the master pulls out the needles, I could feel these currents flowing and pulsating/vibrating from Kak Adek's skin. Pretty much like when you touch a leaking electrical appliance.

These are also coincidentally, the first download of photos from my then new Cybershot! So Kak Adek, like I said, some of the photos ada sedikit unsur-unsur syok sendiri :-)...sorry if they're a big too small, I will upload them onto Facebook for all about another year kut (hope not).

Monday, December 22

Meat Loaf

I was sitting in HRC with the usual suspects when the band played the song, "I would do anything for love...but I won't do that"

What exactly wouldn't he do for love?

Kak Idah answered murder (or I will not stay home when others are out having fun :-)). Is there anyone out there who would like to contribute his/her thoughts? Of course we had several other possibilities that were discussed, but can't be brought up in an open forum such as this.

Wednesday, July 16

To Ebi...with love

Not much to say...a picture is worth a thousand words...

Tuesday, May 6

To die for or can die one - Part 2

And this is Mrs SRK....on the cover of Vogue (Indian version)

Monday, May 5

To die for or can die one?

I've got so many possible posts just waiting to be released, but I always seem to be giving the same time. Truth is, the last thing that I would like to do when I get home is get in front of the computer and start blogging.

But this picture I just have to share with anyone of you jhoras who love this man. I am currently going through this Shah-maniac phase. Duk sibuk tengok all his movies, when I manage to find the time. So gurls....enjoy this picture (as in the words of Kak Ana...SLURP! SLURP!)